October 13, 2021

Step Closer To New Water Tower

By Jessica Wald

A contest was recently held for the students at Napoleon Public School to design a new look for a new proposed water tower for Napoleon.

During the regular monthly meeting of the Napoleon City Council last Monday, October 4, the council chose seven of the entries for further review. After discussing possibilities for the tower and how it should represent the town/community, the council chose three winners. “All entries were good; such great ideas,” said councilman Bob Humann. A tie for first place will be given to Autumn Moch and Bennett Gerhardt, with the runner up being Joseph Gerhardt.

The council said the next step is to send the designs to the engineer for the project and see if the ideas can be combined and what he suggests.

Council members present for the meeting included Mayor Todd Moos, Rod Kleppe, Jon Starkey, Clark Haas, Arron Marquart and Bob Humann, while Debbie Sperle was absent. 

Moos reported the USDA gave approval to bid out the water tower project and there will be a bid opening meeting on Wednesday, October 27 at 3:00 p.m. at the City Hall. 

The council discussed a plan for the garbage service for the city. They noted a new garbage truck would be about $250,000, which would increase the garbage utility bill for each resident by $32 per quarter. The council decided to start the bidding process for a garbage service business to take over the garbage duties. They said the bidding must be advertised three weeks and then a bid opening can be held. 

The council also talked about how large of a dumpster and number of dumpsters the new nursing home will need. After discussion they decided to look into a company from Bismarck, who would swap out a clean dumpster and take the filled one back with them to dump. 

Moos reported the door access system to city hall will be just under. . .