Transportation, Medical

Area Transportation
Various forms of transportation are available in the area including a branch line of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, Highway 3 running North and South through the City, and Highway 34 running East and West of Napoleon. Twenty-five minutes North of the city on Highway 3 connects with Interstate 94 and 25 minutes west of the city on Highway 34 connects with U.S. Highway 83, a bit over an hour from the North Dakota Capital City. There are many independent trucking firms in the area, several of which run more than one semi.

Logan County Bus Schedule
1st & 3rd Monday's Jamestown $10.00
Remaining Monday's Napoleon

Wishek & Linton $5.00
Tuesday's, Wednesday's & Thursday's Napoleon $1.00
Wishek & Linton $5.00
Friday's Bismarck $10.00


*Please call 1 day in advance for rides.

Napoleon Municipal Airport

The Napoleon Municipal Airport is located one mile southeast of the city. It has a 3200x60 paved and lighted runway and a 2500x80 turf runway (not for winter months).


*Additional services that Napoleon has to offer are a medical clinic serviced by the staff of Wishek Community Hospital which is located 25 minutes SE of here. 

*Chiropractic care.

*44-bed nursing home is also located within the city.

*Massage Therapy Studio

*10 Unit Assisted Living Complex