Hilzendeger Bowls Perfect Game Of 300

November 24, 2021

Elijah Hilzendeger, Napoleon, bowled his first perfect game last week, when he recorded a 300 during league bowling at Imperial Lanes in Napoleon on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. “I thought it was pretty cool to get a 300 in Napoleon,” he said. 

Hilzendeger bowled in gym class when he was younger and started bowling league with friends in 2014. About five years ago, he almost had a perfect game, when he had a 299 and missed one pin in the last frame while bowling in Mandan. 

He said after receiving a few strikes, he was a bit nervous, but tried to keep cool. “I tried just doing what I always do in between throws; play cards and talk to my team. I tried to keep the same routine.”

Imperial Lanes has had three bowlers bowl perfect games since they’ve opened their doors almost 50 years ago. Hilzendeger’s 300 was the first since . . .