July 21, 2021

School Reviews Preliminary Budget; Gross Joins Board

By Jessica Wald

A projected budget for 2021/2022 was presented to the Napoleon School Board last Monday morning, July 12, during their annual meeting.

All board members were present after reconvening and approving officers, President Crystal Johnson, Vice President Jeff Schneider, Taylor Grunefelder, Dallas Bakken and Tori Gross, along with Superintendent Rich Bjerklie, who noted both principals were absent due to grad school.

Business Manager Brandi Wald reported a projected 2021/2022 budget of $4.8 million using a surplus carry-over of $1.4 million which remained from 2021 ending fiscal year, along with the projected revenue $3.4 million. She also said the projected expenditures of $3.5 million create a ending balance of $1.3 million in carry-over funds for the fiscal year end next year. The board said they will review and also discuss mill levies during next month’s meeting on Monday, August 9 at 7:00 p.m. 

Before reconvening and Gross joining the board, they thanked board member Chuck Wald for his service. Discussion before the new board convened included approval of policy readings and Bjerklie reported the ESSER III plan is due by August 17 so he will write up a plan for the funds, totaling $393,411, and bring it to the August meeting for approval. He also noted girls golf will be in the fall this year and will start on August 2, while football will begin on August 5. 

The board received quotes on carpet for gym entrance/hallway and parts near the stage along with tile for parts of the stage which need replacing. The board approved the. . .