September 21, 2022

New Vehicle; New Employees

By Jessica Wald

The Logan County Commissioners purchased a new vehicle, spoke with a new employee and will be looking for a new NDSU employee, as discussed during the regular meeting last week Wednesday, September 14.

All commissioners were present including Chairwoman Blanche Schumacher, Charlie Johs and John Wald. 

After searching for a new county vehicle, commissioners agreed to order a 2023 Explorer from Nelson Auto Center for $34,726.96, to be used for a county courthouse fleet vehicle. 

NDSU Extension Central District Director Dena Kemmet attended the meeting to discuss a new employee. She presented the board with the resignation of Sheldon Gerhardt, Logan County NDSU Extension Agent, who has been employed by NDSU/Logan County since July of 2008. Commissioners approved his resignation, with his last day of employment being October 14. Kemmet also was granted permission to advertise and fill the vacant position of county extension agent. 

New Clerk of Court/Recorder deputy, Amanda Hayen attended the meeting to discuss her salary. She said although it is a new position, she previously worked with the county as the administrative assistant in the extension office from 2013 to 2021 and asked if her experience can count towards her salary. She gave a few figures and examples of inflation, but also asked if they would waive the probation period and add on the $50, because of her experience. 

Hayen explained her salary after the eight years with the county was about $8,000 under what it could have been with just over a 1% inflation rate increase each year. The commissioners said the budget has already been set so they need to study this situation and ask the Association of Counties, along with asking the state’s attorney for his legal option. 

After Hayen exited, commissioners discussed the salary and approved to keep it as presented when hired, at $35,000, and adding $50 following the introductory 6-month period. “We can’t start someone where they ended,” they said. Especially, after looking into other’s salaries of those who have been there for 11 years. Commissioners also noted they gave a $5,000 increase to that of what was first negotiated for the position’s salary. 

In other business Jennie Krause with Kadrmas Lee & Jackson attended the meeting to discuss project updates. She noted the plans for the Schelle Butte Township project are ready and bidding is almost ready. She said the plan would be to open bids during the next regular meeting in October. 

A public hearing was held to discuss the upcoming budget/levies. Arlynn Becker was the lone taxpayer to attend and asked a few questions. After comments the hearing was closed and commissioners approved the preliminary budget. 

Michelle Masset, the South Country Human Service Zone Director, was on hand and discussed the Logan County Food Pantry. Although the Human Service offices have been rezoned for several years, they are expanding their zones, along with their work loads, and they feel they don’t have enough time to run the food pantry. Masset said they are looking for options, but the elected officials in the county treasurer, auditor and recorder offices have stepped up and said they will try to take it over.

Commissioners were on board if the head offices want to try and run it and keep it at the courthouse. A designated area for the food pantry has not yet been established, along with a set time/day of the month it will be open to the public. More information will be. . .