May 24, 2023

Meat Lab Used in Napoleon

By Jessica Wald

Junior and senior ag students had the option to partake in a new experience last quarter, as a portable meats lab was on site at the Napoleon High School. 

Ag teacher Brian Schneider said the portable lab has been on site the last six weeks and his Ag 3 students were able to learn meat processing. “We basically dived right in,” he noted, as he said they have cut up chicken, beef clod, pork loins and venison. They’ve learned to cut it, make jerky, steaks, hamburger, pork chops, then package the meat and have it ready for the purchaser of the meat to take home. 

Schneider said in order to teach the class, teachers must take a two-day workshop. “The students seem to enjoy it,” he noted. “Most kids have little or no experience with this, but we can offer the basics and it’s new for them,” He also mentioned they go over the cooking process and the class can try out their work. “They learn . . .