July 21, 2021

Logan County Approves Mid Year Raises

By Jessica Wald

A mid-year raise was approved across the board for Logan County employees during the regular county commissioners meeting last Wednesday, July 14.

Chairperson Blanche Schumacher and Charlie Johs were present and John Wald was in attendance through phone conference for a short part of the meeting. Commissioners discussed and approved a 3% raise for all employees and highway employees, with the exception of the sheriff’s department and contracted workers.

Wald brought to discussion and said with living prices increasing, he believes the employees could benefit from the increase. Schumacher said she is uncomfortable giving a pay raise in mid-year, as she knows how the budget works, but seeing all the increases in living expenses, she also didn’t think a raise would be a bad idea. Commissioners also agreed the raises will start in July and go through the 2021 calendar year and they will revisit again for next year.

No one was in attendance for a hearing on abatement or refund of taxes for farm residence exemption submitted by Gerry Rattei. Commissioners approved the request/refund of taxes for the 2019 and 2020 years. 

County Emergency Manager Daniel Schwartz was in attendance to discuss a few matters. He gave an update on the mitigation plan and said it is scheduled to land in September and October. He also presented a few things that are suggested with the Homeland Security Grant of $75,000, such as a security fence for the Gackle/Streeter school, possible fences for other structures like city water towers, active shooter drill for Gackle-Streeter. Commissioners also requested info. on a metal detector and/or a lock/access system for entrance into the courthouse. 

Bernie Haas, with Haas Hauling, requested information about. . .