November 24, 2021

Foreign Exchange Student Looking Forward To Basketball Season

By Dylan Martin
NPS Junior

Adbeel Alvarez is a foreign exchange student from Mexico, who before coming to the United States had learned perfect English and had played in multiple sports, including basketball with aspirations of playing for Napoleon High School when the season begins. Adbeel started the school year in Napoleon as a sophomore. Adbeel's host family is Paul and Shauna Bitz, Napoleon.

Where were you from in Mexico?

Nuevo Leon, Monterrey. Monterrey is the sprawling capital of Nuevo Leon, it is a mountain fringed city home to the most efficient of Mexico industry spliced with its most creative minds. It's in Monterrey that you will find the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey and many other architectural wonders, including the Fundidora Park, the Macroplaza, and Paseo Santa Lucia.

When did you first come to the United States?

As a tourist - I guess I was . . .