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September 16, 2020

Derby Day Dream Did Not Disappoint

By Jessica Wald

“Oh man, it was fantastic; it really was,” said 2020 Kentucky Derby race horse owner Wayne Scherr of Wagner, SD. “All my brothers and their wives, our kids and their spouses and the grandkids were there; it was awesome.”

Scherr, who is a 1977 Napoleon  HS graduate and son of the late Lois and Alvin Scherr of Napoleon, lived out his longtime dream Saturday, September 5, when a horse he has ownership in raced in the 146th annual famous horse race in Kentucky. 

Wayne and his wife, Candy were able to take in the horse racing festivities for a week, attending different events, touring a horse farm and touring the area. Scherr said he was able to go to the track every morning and watch his horse, Necker Island, but they also were there prior to the races to learn the horse’s racing position for the big day. 

“Our goal was to place in the top ten and we did!” He said enthusiastically. A week before the race he said he was hoping to at least beat one horse, but Necker Island passed his expectation and placed 9th out of the 15 horses able to race on race day. 

“The duration of the race is only two minutes. We were sitting last and second to last the whole race until the last stretch. He passed six horses! We were happy; I mean he was racing the best of the best,” he said of the horse which is 25% owned by two men in Kentucky and 75% by Wayne, who sold his brothers and their wives each 5% ownership as well. Wayne’s brothers and wives include: David and Lucy Scherr (Colorado Springs, CO), Rick and Doreen Scherr (Great Falls, MT) and Kyle and Shellee Scherr (West Minster, CO).

Wayne said he has been to the Derby. . .

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