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February 17, 2021

County Hears From Emergency Manager

By Jessica Wald

The county emergency manager attended the regular monthly meeting of the Logan County Commissioners last Wednesday, February 10, to discuss submitted pandemic over-time. All commissioners were present including Chairwoman Blanche Schumacher, Charlie Johs and John Wald. 

Logan County is contracted with EM Daniel Schwartz. When a local emergency happens, “It starts local and ends local.” He said during the pandemic he did his contracted job, but also went above and beyond the county level. He said he doesn’t consider it over-time, meaning more than a certain amount of hours, but rather, beyond what’s entitled in the contract. He also noted there is federal grant reimbursements available, where they were 75/25 and the county would pay out 25%, but currently this grant is at 100%, at no cost share from the county. 

Commissioners agreed to listen to more clarification from FEMA about grants and tabled the decision on amending Schwartz’s contract.

Schwartz also asked why the commissioners said at last month’s meeting they are questioning keeping Schwartz on as a contracted EM and thinking about hiring an EM in house. Johs, who offered to call all in-house county employees to see if they would like the position, reported how one person is interested but has not provided an offer amount for the position. He also noted after talking with Schwartz, he realized how much he has done for the county and knows more on what his experience has been. Commissioners said they would save about $7,000 by hiring an in-house EM, but Schwartz said it would be only half of that, since there is a 50% grant for the position. After discussion commissioners voted 2-1. . .

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