September 15, 2021

Commissioners Agree To Leaving Neudorf Road As Is

By Terry Schwartzenberger

During the regular meeting of the Logan County Commissioners held on Wed., Sept. 8 commissioners were asked by Kadrmas, Lee and Jackson engineer Jennie Krause what they would like to do with a section of road in Neudorf Township near Gackle which was raised last year due to rising water. The time is expiring on the temporary raise which was completed to make the road passable, and commissioners were faced with the question to leave road as is or complete a permanent grade raise of an additional 1.5 feet. If commissioners decide to move forward with the grade raise the county would be responsible for 20 percent of the project cost. Krause asked, “What do you want to do?” Commission chairperson Blanche Schumacher said, “I’ve visited with a few of the neighbors in that area and they recommend leaving as is.” Krause noted that by doing nothing now there is a risk of funds not being available should the road need to be raised later. Commissioners Schumacher, John Wald and Charlie Johs voted to leave as is and have engineer do the necessary work to close out the project. 

In other road related discussion Krause noted that workers will be in the area doing wetland mitigation monitoring on completed road projects. Commissioners also agreed to have Krause list a couple of road sites on a possible federal aid assistance road list. Commissioner Schumacher also updated commissioners on five FEMA road sites which are still pending payment totaling $212,371.13.

County highway road worker in the Napoleon area, Jack Erbele, Lehr appeared before the commissioners and presented them with his resignation letter effective. . .