September 21, 2022

Board Denies Request To Offer Bussing To Open Enrolled Students

By Jessica Wald

A special meeting was held Thursday morning, September 15, to discuss the non-tuition agreement and the proposed 3-class basketball system. 

The full board was present, including President Crystal Johnson, Jeff Schneider, Tori Gross, Shawn Puklich and Taylor Grunefelder (via phone conference), along with Superintendent Rich Bjerklie and HS Principal Chad Berger, while Elementary Principal Whitney Weigel was absent. 

Bjerklie began the meeting by clarifying that last year the state decided to not provide bussing reimbursements for open enrollments. He also said they checked with Schaffner Enterprises about bussing and the route to Kaye Schulz. He said Rashad Schaffner said the company is on a list to purchase new busses, but there are no busses available at this time so they will not have room on the specific bus route for any more students. Bjerklie also noted Kaye Schulz applied for two foreign exchange students, instead of just the one. The board approved the open enrollment for . . .